Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Test

I am on google search alerts for anything written about LMS, whether an obituary, a doctor's article, a blog. I have read a lot of stories about hope, treatment, struggle, and sometimes death. This morning I read about a 35 year old woman who just lost her three year battle with LMS. A tear slid down my face, sad for her, her new husband, family, and co-workers who had to say goodbye to her. She was too young.

Megan is on year two. She just had another PET scan yesterday, long over due since she got pregnant and the last one done was about 9 months ago. Spots appeared on the scan, but they are hoping that it is scar tissue from the tumors which will show on such a scan.

She won't get the results for a while yet, and the doctor whom she is dealing with is away anyway. Megan is going to visit a friend, and I told her to have a great time, that there would be nothing she could do at the moment anyway if the spots were more than scar tissue, so live it up, and do a lot of laughing. Be in the moment.

I will be back in a few weeks to post the results. In the meantime we all live, love, and laugh as much as we can.

Happy Halloween!


Friday, October 10, 2008


I am here with Megan post surgery. She can't lift the baby for a week or so, nor do any chores. She has just moved for the third time on base. So much for promises that they would not move her with an infant.

Amazingly she has nearly unpacked everything. I will help with whatever is left for the next four days.

Alanna was overjoyed to see me, though she cried herself to sleep because I was spending time with baby Randy. I will give her lots of one on one time today.

It was not a leiomyoma, something very different. But no cancer in the tumor, so that is good.

Here is a photo of Megan and Randy, in dim, early morning light without flash.

Thanks to all of you who send her prayers and your love. It is essential to our life.