Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Little Baby Crain

I have not been great at keeping up with everything, but here is a picture of Megan's little baby at about 10 weeks. Soon she will be over the dangerous time where she can miscarry..a fear that she had since she had to have a PET scan done early in the pregnancy.

The docs say mom and baby are doing well. Mom has a lot of migraines, but they have given her some medication for that. She will be transferred to a hospital in Nashville for high risk pregnancies as she had problems with Alanna, possibly necessitating a cervical cerclage.

Alanna is excited about the baby, and we are all hoping that she will be TOTALLY potty trained before baby X enters the world.

Every day I rejoice in their good health, and every day I pray for a miracle that will keep Dole home with his family, instead of wandering around Afghanistan. I keep saving my child support for future trips to Tennessee to visit the girls when they are alone and lonely. Then Mimi Poppins will show up with a suitcase full of magic and always brimming with hope and love.