Friday, July 17, 2009

Long Time

As I sit here at my daughter's desk, checking my email and facebook, I realize that I have not posted in forever.

The children are wonderful..I had Alanna for a few weeks in NY, and flew in the other day to return her. Randy is almost a year old, and a very busy little boy.

Dole is home from Afghanistan, and family life starting to settle in for them.

Megan's LMS is still in remission, but her lupus is not. Recent tests show she is having another flare up, so she is back on her steroids.

One of Larry's co-worker's teenage son has LMS. He is very sick, and I guess his is in the hospital, doctor's trying to manage the pain from the tumor on his face/neck.My heart aches for the family, knowing how difficult it must be, and it is a reminder all the time of how anything in life can go awry -a reminder to keep filling my toolbox with resources and tools to get me through the difficulties that I KNOW lie ahead. At times I feel like I tiptoe through each day, breathing a sigh of relief when I make it through unscathed.

I leave for NY tomorrow and look forward to going into hiberation for a bit in my paint cave to color my world, and recharge, coming out periodically to visit a friend, or feel the warm sun and the wind blow through my hair.

I won't see my precious family for another several months; perhaps I will fly south before the snow sets in. I am reluctant to fly, especially after last winter's plane crash north of me in Upstate New York, unless I get a windfall of money and I can return sooner. I have discovered that at times it is cheaper to buy 2 one-way tickets to Nashville, rather than a round trip.

May you all have a fab rest of the summer, no matter how rainy or stormy it may be----sort of like a metaphor of life.