Saturday, November 29, 2008

Living a Day at a Time

So I posted PET scans negative, but it is not still easy breathing.

The doctors want to biopsy said "scar" tissue to make sure that is what it is.

Her blood tests came back with a positive ANA which points again to an auto immune disease such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis or some other problem.

She has to go for more testing, but not until she gets back to Kentucky.

In the meanwhile, we will enjoy the holiday season as much as we can, and periodically sweep away the shadows that are cast over our joy from time to time.

Alanna bought the flu with her, so Thanksgiving got canceled in my house as I have been too sick to go anywhere or to cook. Thankfully, Megan went to her grandmother's house for dinner, as did my son. I have eaten very little in three days, but am now on the mend I hope. Megan and the children all have some kind of cold, but they have the energy to keep going. How they do it, I don't know.

Thanks to all of you who follow this blog and have left comments, even if they have been ones that have left us still she ok? To be forewarned about this cancer is to be prepared and to go forth with as much knowledge as we can!



ps Photos of Megan's beautiful children :)


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