Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tempus Fugit

Things have been pretty much the same from when I last wrote.

Dole got sent back from Afghanistan, and for several weeks managed to keep Megan flat out in bed on complete bed rest, and take care of Alanna while running the household. I am so grateful to him for that!

Megan did go back into the hospital again about a week ago as once more she went into labor. Once more then shot her up with horrid drugs to stop it. They are keeping her till Monday, then they will release her and if she goes into labor they are not stopping it.

Little baby Dole Jr. is over 6 lbs in utero, and by now his lungs should be well enough developed so that if she has him, she can take him home and he won't go to a neo-natal unit. The medications have made her quite sick, her pulse races to 140, she gets severe headaches, and she is moodier than hell (can we blame her?)

She has been very depressed however, as she thinks that a day or two after the baby is born, Dole will be sent back to Afghanistan. What I am to say to that? She knew the life of the army when she married him, that he would be deployed when she got pregnant, and that she would be raising her children on her own for long bits of time. All I can tell her is to take it a day at a time, and trust in the goodness of the Universe/God, and keep myself strong to be able to give to her as much as I can.

I am on call to head to Kentucky when she goes into labor, and Larry and I will stay a week or so to help out. I am not sure what will happen after that. In the mean time, my navigation system has arrived from Amazon, and I am going to take it out of the box and see if I can figure it out.

Till the NEXT time, Patti


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