Saturday, June 07, 2008

Pregnancy Update

Much of Megan's pregnancy has been fraught with complications. It has not been easy, but Megan is strong and this new life to be has kept her going.

I recently returned from a visit with her and Alanna in Kentucky, where she had her baby shower. It was fun, relaxing, and always good to be with my girls.

However, Megan is in the hospital as she went into labor. She is 30 weeks pregnant or so, and the doctors are keeping her in bed and trying to stop her delivering the baby until after Sunday as they have given her shots of steroids which help the baby's lungs I believe. He is over 3.5 lbs so his chance of survival this early is good.

They have given Megan a shot which lasts for 72 hours to stop her labor, but has come with a host of side affects.

BUT in all of this the good news is that the ARMY is sending her husband home from Afghanistan. Amen to that.

Alanna is staying with her biological father and his family in the meantime. The situation is unique, and thank God Megan has them.

We take things one day at a time, sometimes one moment at a time. I have faith that all will work out, and constantly reassure her that all will be well and little baby Dole will have an excellent shot at survival.

Megan laughs and says it is harder for her to keep this baby "in" then actually giving birth.

I believe it!

Keep the baby and Megan safe in your thoughts,



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