Sunday, March 16, 2008

Heading South

I have my ticket and am heading to see my girls for Easter. Dole has left, Megan is very sad, so Ms. Mary Poppins will make a visit and try to sooth and bring joy to their lives.

I am looking forward to warmer weather weather there, and praying that no tornado alarms sound. I am not liking the dangers of that part of the country. It makes my studio flood look like a sneeze vs. the flu.

I promise I will take lots of pictures, and am sure I will have some stories to tell.

Megs has a visit with the oncologist next month just to touch base. So far her blood has been normal, and her cholesterol and blood pressure super low.

Remember my friends...each day of life is a gift.

That is a lesson I learned this past year.

More after I get back!



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