Thursday, December 13, 2007

Coming Home

Megan and Alanna fly in next Friday for a week. It has seemed like forever since the last weekend of October when I went to visit them.

I have stripped the bedding, cleaned the sheets, and re-made the bed in preparation for my girls. Dole still does not know if he can join his family for their first holiday together. He is slated to leave for Afghanistan in March, and has been in various places of training for the deployment.

I just envision peace and wisdom over them both, and know that I cannot change a thing, that everything that happens is part of all of our collective and individual journeys.

I haven't asked Megan about her latest scan. I figure I will know right away if anything is bad. Right now, we are in the rejoicing mode, in preparation for the celebration of friends and family.

And I shout to the heavens, to the trees, rocks and fabulous mountains, THANK YOU.

The amazing photo of Megan by Larry of 8 x 10 taken in our dining room.....


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