Monday, March 31, 2008

The Girls Are Good

I had a wonderful visit with Megan and Alanna. How could I not? They were both thrilled to see me and we had a fun time cooking, spending Easter together, having a hunt and dinner for the kids and all the girls whose husbands have left for Afghanistan. In addition we went shopping, went to see Horton Hears a Who (FABU movie by the way-----so wonderfully done!) and I spent lots of time potty training.

The trip is always an adventure, but for the most part I have met really cool people on the flights, and I know how to take good care of myself on long layovers. I feel like quite the world traveler, considering once I had a travel phobia.

Megan is having some problems with too many Braxton Hicks, and her cervix appears to be thinning out. Thankfully, she goes to a specialist in Nashville every week who is paying close attention to her situation. They are not suturing her cervix yet, but that may come.

I am entering two pieces in an art show hosted by an Oncology Group in our city. I want to support them as they treated Megan with the most amazing grace and caring. I will post pics at a later time.

Photo of Alanna on Easter day, doing her egg hung. (ps Hmmm....pic not loading???)

To cure, Patti


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