Friday, August 15, 2008

Heading Out

Larry and I are leaving today to visit Kentucky,driving this time, with both Ms. Garmin and my trusty atlas. It is an adventure, that is for sure. We are taking the Honda as it is packed with hand-me-downs from my sister for the new baby. The Eos would be a lot more fun, but it holds just enough luggage for us! So I will miss my CD player and satellite radio, but I will have to deal.

My mom is in stable condition, though I am not sure she will recover. I suspect this is a sign for me to leave, that she is stable, and I have told her I will see her when I get back. If not, I have spent good time with her and she knows I send her off to the next life with love and kindness. Meredith will go over a few times while I am gone to check on her and hold her hand in place of me, a priceless gift from a friend.

Dole leaves tomorrow for Afghanistan first thing in the morning, and we will miss him as we won't roll into town until late afternoon. At the very least I can pick of the puddle of what is going to be my daughter, dry her off for a few days, and get them back on their feet before I have to head back east.



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