Friday, September 19, 2008

Leiomyoma without the Sarcoma

A few weeks ago Megan had some problems, so she went to her OB/GYN doc. They took one look at her cervix, and immediately took a few biopsies to be sent off to the lab.

During the two days that they were being examined, all kinds of things raced through my head. I really try and not go there, as well as tell Megan the same thing. Enjoy the time you have, all of it. You don't get it back.

I am getting better at following my own advice. Each moment is precious and I enjoy it as it comes, without it getting clouded with "what ifs". I realize there are too many variables to think about how the future could be, so I work very hard in not going there.

Megan has a leiomyoma, WITHOUT the sarcoma, so what that means it is a benign growth.
No cancer.

She still needs surgery to remove it, and she probably will never have another baby, but she has been blessed with two beautiful children as it is.

I leave on the 9th for Kentucky to help out after the surgery, and then fly back on the 14th. I only have to take 2 sick days because we have two holidays---it all works out ok. And, I got another child support check from my ex, so I have the money to a few extra bucks to spend on the kids and Megan.

Till the next update,