Monday, August 18, 2008


Here is a photo of my fabulous grandchildren. I love them so very much.

Stay tuned for more info in the future. Megan has some tests in the next month and we hold our breath.

In the meantime, we live each day to its fullest.

The weather in Kentucky has been fabulous, the sun shines strong and we all rejoice in the simple things here. Cooking three squares a day, playing Yahtzee, sitting in the yard.

And it is good.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Heading Out

Larry and I are leaving today to visit Kentucky,driving this time, with both Ms. Garmin and my trusty atlas. It is an adventure, that is for sure. We are taking the Honda as it is packed with hand-me-downs from my sister for the new baby. The Eos would be a lot more fun, but it holds just enough luggage for us! So I will miss my CD player and satellite radio, but I will have to deal.

My mom is in stable condition, though I am not sure she will recover. I suspect this is a sign for me to leave, that she is stable, and I have told her I will see her when I get back. If not, I have spent good time with her and she knows I send her off to the next life with love and kindness. Meredith will go over a few times while I am gone to check on her and hold her hand in place of me, a priceless gift from a friend.

Dole leaves tomorrow for Afghanistan first thing in the morning, and we will miss him as we won't roll into town until late afternoon. At the very least I can pick of the puddle of what is going to be my daughter, dry her off for a few days, and get them back on their feet before I have to head back east.


Friday, August 08, 2008

Worth 1,000 Words

Here is Megan, Alanna and Baby Randall, and a picture of daddy Dole holding his son. They are home and all is fine tonight. I will head down wednesday as long as my mother is holding out. Otherwise I am not sure what I am going to do. I take it one day at a time and have to have trust and faith in what is in store for me.

I think they are all beautiful and I surround them with love.


Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Megan is an amazing young woman. When I think of all that she has gone through I shudder. There is so much that I can not tell, and much that needs to be told.Out of respect for her I censor my writing.

Some of the things she has had to endure from 18-24 has been

ARMY boot camp (AUGH!)
being a diesel mechanic in Iraq
pregnancy in that country and army field medical care
the birth and raising of a child w/out the father
diagnosis of leiomyosarcoma
other disorders/some of which are directly related to serving in a war

And now a miracle baby conceived after chemo and radiation.

For two months this baby has been trying to come into the world. Megan has been in and out of hospitals during this time and on two months of bed rest. Then today, on his due date, the midwife broke Megan's water, and Megan birthed Randall Crain Jr. into the world at 3:48 pm at 8 lbs 4 oz, and 21.5". Daddy Dole was there for the labor and birth, he helped deliver his son, cut the cord etc.

Dole has been a good man for my daughter, and a good father to Alanna.
(I say a prayer for him as he is heading back to Afghanistan for a year, please keep him in your thoughts.) I am so grateful to him for being there for them all.

Alanna says her brother is a big fat boy, and very cute. I laugh.

Again I thank you all for coming to read this from time to time. Knowing that there is empathy and genuine love and caring helps me through the tough times. Though I avoid drama, at times I feel like life is one big soap opera, with mine just a bit more surreal with unbelievable true stories that make you say "WTF?" (my favorite acronym of the year I think)


Saturday, August 02, 2008

Still Holding

A guick note from the Cape.

Megan still pregnant, if the baby does not come by her due date,the 6th, they will oblige her and break her water so that Dole can meet his son and spend a week with him before he flies back to Afghanistan.

We are driving down on the 13-23rd, whether or not he has left. It will be the only time that we can visit them during the summer.

Any moment now I await the phone call saying Baby Boy Crain has graced us with his presence.

Will be reporting back soon!!