Friday, March 06, 2009

Spring Update

It is almost spring, and maybe I am pushing it, but the clocks change this weekend, we are starting to get above 32 degrees more so than not, and I can see some of the dirt from my garden underneath the snow.

We have made it through another winter, through the little earthquakes, and come out of it relatively unscathed.

Megan has been diagnosed with systemic lupus...a long time coming. Too bad she had to get so sick and be in so much pain in order for them to panic and order more tests, but at least it has been done.

I bought her in for testing before she entered the Army (or was it after?) and the docs brushed her symptoms off as fibromyalgia and said there was nothing they could do. Come to find out, her lupus could have been the cause of her cancer; a normally healthy body tells the bad cells to stop making more bad cells, but a sick body may forget to throw that switch.

Megan has gone through a round of high dose prednisone and suffered its ill effects.The docs have lowered it now, and she is feeling much better.

Life is tough being a single mom while your husband is off to war....I wish that we as humans could figure out how to live in peace and solve conflict without war, and that all religions could live in peace.

As the light grows stronger, and lasts longer, I look to the sky with a smile and feel the stronger sun upon my face. I am grateful for every day that me, my family, and my friends live above the ground.


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