Sunday, February 24, 2008

It's a Boy!

Another monthly update on Megan.

She is doing well, is at 16 weeks, and they have discovered she is having a boy on her recent sonogram. I tell her she has a million dollar family now, one of each, and she can quit.

She laughs, and says oh no, he won't be the last. Silently I think she is nuts, but perhaps she herself will decide 2 is enough when she has to take care of them on her own, when Dole is deployed, or sent on various missions and trainings.

The pregnancy has not been that smooth as she has been having frequent migranes, still getting sick (I think her immune system is not quite up to par yet) and ended up in the ER last week for severe stomach pain. The docs took as many tests as they could, and said the blood work was negative for cancer, and that they are thinking she has gallstones. She has a scan on the 6th, and this week has an appointment with a doctor in Nashville who deals in high risk pregnancies. So far her cervix is holding out (it did not behave for Alanna....)and we keep our fingers crossed. New York is a long way from Tennessee......

Dole leaves for Afghanistan in two weeks, leaving behind his family. In some ways I was hoping that Megan had to be on bedrest, so that he could stay behind. But things will play out the way they are supposed to.

I suspect I am going to fly to see them in several weeks during my Easter break. I have not surfed for prices yet. I hope I can find a flight for less than 300.00. I hate flying in the winter as the weather is so unpredictable, even in mid March. Last year we got a huge snowstorm the weekend of St. Patrick's day.

Will be back with more posts as I get news, and say a prayer for all those in your life who do have cancer, that they will have love,strength, and support through it all.