Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mostly Moved

It has been a long week. Long for me and even longer for Megan. She had to move out w/in three days and somehow managed to pull it all together in spite of the chemo and radiation. When I left her in the new house (THANK YOU JULIE!!) she was sick with what I have (some nasty lingering thing) and could hardly move. I have not been able to reach her, so I hope all is well.

This weekend me and perhaps some of my friends will help her clean, set up the house, and make it cozy for her and Alanna. It is a sweet house, with plenty of room in it for the both of them, and it is even partially furnished with vintage and antique furniture.

When Megan and I walked in we recognized so many things from having lived with Julie a few times in the course of our adventurous life. It gives a feeling of warmth and memories of a more innocent time. I would like to say less stressful, but our life was always stressful in one form or another.

I hope it works for everyone concerned, and may she have more peace and comfort than where she was last living. I hope it helps out Julie too....having someone take care of the place until it sells.

A photo I took of Alanna the other night reading a photo magazine with Larry. SHE LOVES BOOKS....LOVES books. I wonder, is it genetic or environmental? I suspect a little of both.




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