Saturday, February 24, 2007

Need a New Home

I have been tired, busy, and now sick, and I have not been inspired to do much writing, nor really had the time.

For the first time in four years I did not pay my mortgage by the due date, not because I did not have the money, but because I plain forgot. The taxes are whispering to me, the house is a mess. The cats stand in front of me at stare...wondering if the litter boxes will clean themselves.

Megan emailed me yesterday asking for help in finding a place to live. She lives on an old estate which has a view of the Hudson and lots of land, but the houses are falling into disrepair. The ceiling in Alanna's bedroom has a leak and is sagging. Yesterday there was no heat. She can't ever take a bath because there is not enough hot water or water in general to support all the tenents. The refrigerator is shot and she had to go out and buy one and is having it taken off her rent.

If any of you live in the Kingston NY area, and know of an inexpensive 1-2 bedroom apartment in a good neighborhood or surrounding area, please email me. I think the link to my email is found on my profile page. She is responsible, does not have parties, has a part time boyfriend who does not live with her..he only has one drawer in her dresser, and a 2 year old who needs to be able to run and jump without causing grief to people below her. (once the downstairs tennent ran up to Megan's apartment and started to choke her because the baby had been jumping around!!! The police were called....)

Megan has been upbeat and feeling much better the past 10 days. She is optimistic that she is going to beat this cancer. Though the statistics are not that good, we are going to keep visualizing success and a miraculous cure. Tuesday is another PET scan which will show how she is progressing with the chemo and the radiation.

We always hope for good news.

OH and there is another showing of THE GROUND TRUTH at the Rosendale Theater tomorrow at 3. I will be speaking briefly about being the mother of an Iraqi Veteran, along with 2 members of the IVAW, the link is on my blog. Come on out.

In gratitude always, Patti


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