Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Spirit of Love

At times my mind is consumed and obsessed with the whole world that surrounds cancer. And seeing cancer and pain in your daughter who is a young mother can be excruciatingly difficult to experience. It takes you to realms of joy and sorrow, love and hate, ranting and praying to our higher power.

But today, all I felt was love and appreciation of the people in my life whom I love and who love me back. I had my daughter home with me for the day; I fed her with homemade nutritional food, kept a fire in the hearth, and a warm bed or sofa for her comfort. She went outside in the snow with Alanna for a little while, and I made hot cocoa when they came in. We exchanged Valentine Gifts, and spent a day of relaxation and caring.

I must remember to cherish these times and keep them dear to my heart. We don't know how much time we are given on this earth, and we must try to rejoice in the each day. It has taken me nearly 50 years to grasp this and to live each day as wonderfully as I can. Out of fragility and pain has blossomed a truer understanding of love, and it is love that will keep us strong.

May love be in your hearts, Patti

I took tonight's photo before Megan and Alanna went out into the snow........


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