Saturday, February 03, 2007

Summer of '04

This is a picture that was taken by a writer friend of mine who wrote an article for the July 4th edition of one of the local papers. He interviewed us and part of the focus examined what it meant to be patriotic. It touched upon Megan and my political differences, handling it with respect for the both of us. At the time Megan was quite pregnant; her babies birth was a mere one month away.

If we could only flash back to that summer. It was a summer that Megan and I first started the process of healing our relationship, forced upon us by circumstance. Here, again, we are going through another bout of healing, and under a circumstance much more dire than the first. Both were under the umbrella of life; the first time was the birth of a new one, now, we face the possible taking away of a life.

Megan has been pretty sick all week. Perhaps there was a night or two that she actually kept food down. I took Alanna tonight so that she could go out. As sick as she is, she needs to get out of the house with friends and have some fun. I dread next week; she starts her raditation. I face the possibility that things will get worse before they get better. I had a reprieve this week from my intense hormones and was able to secure child care a few days a week for Megan and be there for her while being strong and level headed. I was able to keep my tears at bay for the most part, and had moments where I smiled, laughed, and enjoyed some of life's simple pleasures.

My friends really helped me through this week in many ways, and that is why I am hoping that Megan's friends will help nourish her social soul which she so needs. She talks about trying to find a job; I think it is more out of wanting to have a reason to get out of her house and see other people no matter HOW sick she is than it is having to work. The generosity of people has enabled her to stay home another month (I think..) I am hoping she can get her needs met in other ways as I don't think it is possible for her to keep a job thru chemo and radiation.

Thank you all for getting us through another week. Friendship, camraderie, caring, generosity...all is appreciated and I hold it dear to my heart at a time when I need it most.

A warm peaceful night to you all, Patti


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