Saturday, January 20, 2007

Intro to Megan Aid

This blog has been set up for friends, family, veterans, all who care to keep in touch with Megan's progress. I may not write daily, but will update on at least a weekly basis. Please feel free to pass the link to It contains wonderful pictures and the story as well as contact info. So far some pretty amazing people have come forth with generous donations.

Currently Megan is not working. She recently lost her job, and immediately after that she developed the flu which turned into walking pneumonia. She is on antibiotics, and should be on the mend soon. She is still receiving chemo; she has been on it 3 months now. The tumor is shrinking, but her blood work is abnormal in spite of the meds she is getting, so they are doing more tests on that. She has another 5 months of chemo to go at the very least, and she needs to be home to take care of her toddler so that she has a chance to heal both physically and emotionally.

The ARMY has deemed her 80% disabled due to her deteriorating hips and spine. She has applied for disability; it will take a year to collect it. So she has served our country, is disabled due to her service, has stomach cancer which is EXREMEMLY rare for a 22 year old, which may or may not be related to Depleted Uranium.....and has to wait a YEAR at least to collect any monies. No matter one's political persuasion or view point, this is not how we take care of your Military personnel.

Last night was the benefit for her at the ARTS SOCIETY of KINGSTON. The place was packed, the film THE GROUND TRUTH WAS SHOWN, and an amazing young man from the group IVAW talked. It was a heavy evening for us all..every more difficult for Megan, seeing the senseless murder of our troops and Iraqi civilians replayed as well as morter, bombs, and images of war that are NOT romantic nor pretty. We raised 2,000.00 which was split between Megan and the IVAW. Megan has been able to pay off her previous medical bills and such that started occuring in October when she was hospitalized.

I thank all of you for the prayers, food, clothing, donations for Megan, for being my friend and supporter in a time that is very difficult. The issue of Megan's health has become an issue larger than just her, it has been a concern for the growing number of military coming back from war with PTSD, injuries, cancer, and a whole host of problems.

Have a great weekend! Patti (Megan's mom)


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