Thursday, January 25, 2007

Rough Times

This is Megan's daughter, Alanna Sophia Hightower. She is a beautiful child, and a good one. After talking to Megan today, I felt so sad and wanted Alanna's magic wand to make everything better. My magic wand is dead and I need to go back to magic school to revitalize it. It is not working too well at fact, it barely has any charge, LOL. Maybe as one ages, the magic gets dimmer and dimmer. Well I am going to have to fix that!

Megan had a rough day. I am sure it is a combination of depression, pain, contant vomitting, not being able to give her daughter the care she needs. She was crying, and I felt so helpless. All I can do is tell her I am here and try to keep the lines of communication going. I can't help if I don't know what is going on, and since Megan is cut right out of her mother's butt..she is trying to deal with everything on her own, not telling me what she needs, and then when it gets to much, the house of cards collapses. Lord do I know that story well. It took me how many years to learn?!

I am going to see what strings I can pull to get Alanna into daycare at my school, even a few days a week. I can visit her on my lunch and it would be the best possible fix for now. We have a private caregiver, and will try to utilize her too.

I have received infomation on Megan's type of cancer through some wonderful women who got the link to this blog, possibly through the Meganaid site. I have joined the listserve as I believe in having as much knowledge about the beast you are dealing with. I also forwarded it onto Megan.

I just can't even imagine being her. a war, and sick for 2 years, birthing a child and raising her on her own for the most part (she does get child support), and now this. She is a brave, brave woman and I so respect her. I need to tell her that. If it weren't so late I would call her up.

Till tomorrow, Patti


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