Monday, February 26, 2007


Yesterday was a successful day. First of all, my friend Julie happened to call me the other day and I was telling her about Megan's predicament with her housing. Her mom's house has been on the market since the summer, and it has been vacant. She offered it to Megan to live in as long as she pays the utilities, does some work on it, takes care of it, and understands the premise that it is for sale and she will be given a 2 month notice to move.

WHen my children were 3 months and 2 years, Megan being the one who was 2, we had to leave our home. My ex was crazy, a drinker, and started carrying a 45 magnum with him. I won't go into messy details here, but we had to pack my VW Dasher (oh I loved that car!!) and never go back. We lived in the woods for a few months, chopping wood to heat a wood stove to keep warm. It was a temporary residence, and through another friend of mine I found a woman who worked in Connecticut and came home here in on the weekends who wanted someone in her house. That was Julie, and the rest was history.

Then when I was engaged, and my fiance decided after six years that he was no longer in love with me, I had to leave with two kids. Julie was now in Raleigh, and had put her house up for sale. We lived in it until it was sold, and I got my house back from the fiance and the rest is what it is now.

Megan, Will, and I had some tough times. But those tough times had lots of fun and love mixed into it, and it is the past........

So Megan has less than a week to move, but between all of her and Dole's friends, and me and my friends, we will get it done. She will be living in a sweet little house in the woods, with Julies family living in various houses/buildings on the property.

It will just be like coming home.


PS you can read about last night's fundraiser for the IVAW and Megan by clicking on my blog, EAT MAN DRINK WATER, link to the right. Also check out the IVAW and The Ground Truth links on this site.


Blogger Gypsy said...

SO glad Julie continues to be there for you! : ) Makes my heart so warm! It is awesome to know that there are people like that out there in the world.

11:19 PM  

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