Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I am a Rock

I have not written for a while as I have been incredibly busy preparing for conferences and to get away to my sister's home in Pelham to help her while she is birthing her little baby boy Alex. She has a 12 and a 2 year old and needed someone here to pick them up/drop them off to various venues, and to be one consistent variable in their life over the next several days.

I am thrilled to do it. A change of scenery, joy in the birth of a new life. Getting to spend some quality time with a family whom I don't get to see often enough. I adore them all.

My boss yelled at me when I told her I would be taking family sick time and said STOP HELPING OTHER PEOPLE. She meant it in the best of ways as she knows how difficult my life has been. But the one thing I have learned over the past six months is that I will give up everything to help my family.

15 year ago, when my children were young, and I was a new teacher, I dedicated my life to my career, not taking time off for things like their school plays during the middle of the day. I made the ultimate sacrifice figuring that I had made a committment to a job that needed me and I had an obligation to be there. What I learned later on, was that it meant very little to the supervisors; there were no medals, no recognition, no thanks. I lost precious bonding moments with my children and missed events that probably meant a lot to them. I cannot bring those times back, but I can put them first before anything else from now on.

These days I am the rock in my family. For my daughter and granddaughter, sometimes for my husband, for my invalided mother, and other close family members and friends when necessary. I am proud to be the rock, to be a woman of strength and fortitude. I am learning how to recharge so that I can maintain strength, but also when to recognize to step away and let them grown into their own pillars of strength.

I have some time off in between my responsibilites here which will enable me to catch up on my blogs, post the links about LMS I am promising you all, and to give strength, wisdom, and love. I will update you on Megan in the next blog.


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