Saturday, April 21, 2007

Megan is a Survivor

Megan is a suvivor; it is not the first time that she has faced death in one form or another. One split second, one weak piece of metal, one piece of metal or glass piercing a bit to the left or to the right.

As a mother I have had my heart terrorized several times.

Megan had a been given a chance to have a modeling career. She was spotted by a scout in a local store and did test shots for Ambercrombie and Fitch. A famous photographer had offered to fly her to the coast of France for a summer to shoot her. It took one afternoon on a back road with a drunk driver broadsiding Megan's boyfriend's car. He and is friend were ok, but her seatbelt broke, and she broke the side window with her face. She had hundreds of stitches all over the head and face, broke her scapula, and months later was still having surgery in NY to have glass removed. She still has scars, and never got her skin resurfaced to eliminate a majority of them; she could not deal with any more pain and trauma.

Then she was driving her Jetta home from a long distance Army drill. Something happened with the accelerator, she lost control of the car, and hit another car at a high rate of speed on the thruway. She called me from the side of the road where she was lying, barely able to breathe. She was rushed to a hospital in Poughkeepsie for testing and observation overnight. Thank God she did not have the baby...and thank God her injuries were minor. The airbags saved her, and I have to admit, that Jetta held up pretty darn well considering.

She was blown out of a humvee, and got a shrapnel wound in her leg.

The problem is, all these accidents, a year of 65 lbs of equipment on a 115 lb frame has taken its toll on a 23 year old.

Yet she survived, and continues to survive. Her last PET scan was clean. Next week is her last set of treatments. They are giving her meds to try and heal her ulcers. She will be given a three month reprieve before she is tested again.

There are all kinds of stats out there. Average survival rate for LMS is 72 months. 60% metastasize. But there are stories of survival rates breaking all stats, and other remedies that may help that are diet and supplement related. I hope Megan does all that she can to try and beat the odds. Proper diet, no heavy partying, doing all that you can to be healthy. Learn how to manage stress. The problem is, at 23, didn't we think we would live forever?

Thanks my readers for being faithful to this blog, and for the comments and emails you send to me time to time. It has kept me going.

Now Alanna needs her mommy back. She is doing some acting out, and I don't know how much is typical bratty 2+ year old behavior, or how much of it is fear, anger, frustration that her mommy's been in bed sick and unable to do much. I hope the next few months will give them more quality time together. Megan needs a job, and she is going to start looking for one once she is done recovering from her last round of treatments. Her housing is tenuous, the property is under negotiation, but all we can take life ONE DAY AT A TIME.

Enjoy this beautiful weekend, Patti


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, Alanna needs her Mommy, but thank God (or the diety of your choice) that she has YOU as a stable influence in her life. Just keep loving her, hugging her, and being there for her, and she'll be fine. She's a tough kid--look at who her Mommy is!

I'm glad the treatments are going well for Megan, and I pray that this illness will be not just cured, but annihilated!

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