Wednesday, April 25, 2007

When I am Alone...

I posted this picture on my own personal blog this past sunday. It was Earth Day, and I celebrated it wearing the reality pinching t-shirt from Aveda that read "Every 15 seconds a child dies from a lack of access to clean water." I thought about the brilliance of thought and progress in technology over the past 100 years, and how abhoring it is that anyone should die of such a cause. I thought about all the people that die from diseases that we could cure if being sick was not such a money making business in this country.

And to boot...the war in Iraq is costing us more than just the lives of our soldiers; it also is costing lives back home with the cuts in funding for cancer research and help for our sick.

Back to sunday...Larry and I went to Megan's where we had a simple and fun barbeque complete with fire pit and marshmallows. It was a beautiful day in the woods, and Megan, Alanna, and Dole seemed to be perfectly at home and happy. A few burgers, a few beers, magical flaming hot chocolate powder thrown upon the flames. Photos, laughter, serious talk about Megan's cancer and the other problems she is having.

When I am alone, which is often, I bury myself with art,baby and school. I book dinners with friends, a movie, . Yet there are the nights where I choose to be alone all evening, and I sit in my studio, and listen to sad cello and lonely piano tunes while making art and musing on the state-of-the-nation and the state-of-my-heart.

Tonight I am melancholy. My sadness drips into dark dark places. I do not fear them because I know that love will give me light in such times. It is the one thing that I know is true.

Off to try and find the Bill Moyers show on Iraq...........


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